Go Flow is for all levels, beginner to advanced and a great start if you are new to Pilates.

With a focus on flowing between movements on our reformer equipment, this session focuses on not only the strengthening of core muscle groups but also mindfulness and muscle stretching. 


You can definitely expect to feel the burn and your muscles


*Suitable for pregnancy.


Get Toned is our next in intensity.

Offering a full body work out which will help tone your target areas, this reformer class will get your body burning and those muscles flexing.  Suitable for beginners through to advanced. 


Our advice... Be prepared to burn....!

*Suitable for pregnancy


Familiar with Pilates or looking for a class that is going to challenge your body & mind? Then Go Hard is the class for you. 

Using our reformer equipment, this session will introduce you to muscles that you never knew you had.


Perfect for Pilates enthusiasts of any level, this session aims to strengthen core muscle groups and target areas.  

As the saying goes... Go Hard or Go Home!

*Not suitable for Pregnant Muma's.