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Pilate Hard Studio Elwood


Here at Pilate Hard we are super passionate about given pregnant Mums-to-be,  the opportunity to keep moving their body the entire way through their pregnancy with most classes at the studio being pre-natal friendly. 


When owner Mel was pregnant with her first baby, she was frustrated that a lot of her local Pilates studios stopped offering classes after the first trimester. This was made all the more frustrating as Mel knew it was important that she stay as strong and active as possible (as with any pregnancy) and that Pilates was a great, low impact way to do this!


So when Mel opened the studio, she ensured that all of Pilate Hard’s instructors were trained in the discipline of pre-natal Pilates, and that they were able to guide and modify their instructions in order to support our mums-to-be through an entire group class.

So, let’s be real, you aren’t going to break simply because you are pregnant!

A lot of our pre-natal mums are already fit and strong and still want to feel the burn and sweat a little, but in a way that’s safe for bubs. We won’t wrap you in cotton wool, but we will keep you safe and within your physical limits within all of our Pilates exercises.  


Pilates has some wonderful benefits throughout pregnancy including the building of core, pelvic floor and leg strength as well controlled breathing and relaxation techniques. All of which can help when the time comes to welcome your bub into the world.

If you’re considering pre-natal Pilates, we recommend attending 2 to 4 Pilates classes per week for the duration of your pregnancy; we promise you no matter how many classes you attend, Pilates will make your pregnancy, birth and recovery a much easier and happier experience. 


We recommend you start with a Flow or a Toned Class. Flow will be the easiest class to start with if you have never done Pilates before.

& we can’t wait to meet all those bubs we’ve watched grow too!

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